Great British Bake-Off Star Makes Delicious Studio Ghibli Cake

Studio Ghibli is clearly one of the biggest studios in the world of anime, having created some legendary anime properties including the likes of Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke to name a few, and it seems that one of the bakers on the Great British Bake-Off has created a dessert honoring one of Ghibli's lesser known films. Though Castle In The Sky doesn't get the same notoriety as the likes of some of Ghibli's other blockbusters, it's clear that it still has made its way into the minds of anime fans around the world.

The Great British Bake-Off, for those who might not know, first premiered in 2010 and features a number of chefs attempting to create confection masterpieces that will impress a panel of judges. The participant who created the amazing Studio Ghibli cake is Steven Carter-Bailey, who first appeared in the 2017 edition of the series and was able to make it as a finalist in the series. In a spin-off series, titled "The Great New York Bake-Off", Carter-Bailey was able to come away as the victor, though he wasn't able to show off his love of anime during this time as he does now with this homage to Studio Ghibli.

Steven Carter-Bailey shared this impressive dessert via his Official Twitter Account, paying homage to Castle In The Sky which arrived from Ghibli in 1986 and can currently be streaming on HBO Max as a part of their anime collection:

Studio Ghibli released its latest feature last year in Earwig And The Witch, which was a big departure for the animation house as it marks the first time that Ghibli has incorporated computer-generated graphics rather than the traditional style of 2-D animation. With an amusement park in the works that will bring some of the biggest features to life for park attendees as well as other anime movies in the works, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see more Ghibli-styled cakes emerge in the future.

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