Studio Ghibli Finally Clarifies if Spirited Away's Chihiro and Haku Ever Met Again

When it comes to animated movies, no company does it quite like Studio Ghibli. The organization has put out some of the world's best movies to date, and few can live up to what Spirited Away did. Even after all of these years, the movie still resonates with fans young and old. And finally, we have learned whether or not its leads managed to reunite after the credits rolled.

To be exact, they have learned an important fact about Chihiro and Haku. It turns out the pair could fulfill the promise they made to one another at the film's end. But according to one executive, it is up to fans to decide whether they went through with it.

The comment came from none other than executive producer Toshio Suzuki during a fan-led Q&A online. Studio Ghibli answered questions in real-time overseas when Spirited Away aired in Japan. It was there Suzuki answered a lot of questions on his and Miyazaki's behalf. So when one fan asked if Chihiro and Haku ever reunited, they learned it was possible.

"Haku was the spirit of the river that runs near the house where Chihiro used to live. If Chihiro ever visits that river...," Suzuki wrote. So, there you have it. The two could definitely still meet in the real world, so you can let that update make you feel fuzzy on the inside.

Clearly, Studio Ghibli shook its hands of the Spirited Away couple once the movie was put out, but Suzuki made sure fans could carry on the story. If you want to believe Chihiro and Haku reunited, then you should be glad to know the pair really could. And if not, well – when it is your head-canon, you get to do anything you want.

Do you like to think Chihiro and Haku were reunited after Spirited Away ended? What's your favorite Studio Ghibli head-canon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

HT – Sora News 24