Super Dragon Ball Heroes Sets Up Surprising Gods of Destruction Conflict

If there is one thing Dragon Ball does good, it is pitting fighters against one another. It does not matter if there is a martial arts contest going down or not, Goku will find someone to fight without much problem. Over the years, the franchise has set up some strange feuds with its fighters, but Super Dragon Ball Heroes just took the cake with its latest. After all, the Gods of Destruction aren't really a fair opponent to fight, and it does not help that they are gunning after... a kid?!

Oh, yes! You did read that right. The promotional anime took everyone by surprise when it saw the Gods of Destruction swear to destroy Gohan's little girl. It turns out Pan has enraged the gods, and the whole of Universe 7 will go to bat to protect her as well as her divine bird.

The whole ordeal went down when episode 21 debuted. Super Dragon Ball Heroes kicked off a new season with the episode, and it shows Xeno Pan travel with Trunks to Universe 7 in search of the divine bird Toki Toki. When they arrive to Universe 7, Pan is happy to find the bird safe, but things go south when the Gods of Destruction show up.

dragon ball gods of destruction
(Photo: Shueisha / Bandai)

In order to save Toki Toki, Pan grabs the bird before the Gods of Destruction can annihilate the creature. She uses her own portal tech to hop back home, but the offense leaves the Gods fuming. To put succinctly, one of the Gods says Pan and her colleagues will be punished for disobeying their group.


Of course, Goku is not too thrilled by the declaration and not because of Pan. The Saiyan isn't about to let the group kill Toki Toki on a whim, and he would jump at a chance to fight Beerus for real after all this time. But when Gohan joins the battle, you know the fighter is doing so out of fatherly love... even if just a little bit.

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