Super Dragon Ball Heroes Shows Off Goku and Vegeta's New Outfits in Action

The Saiyan race is not the most fashionable one out there, but Dragon Ball has done its best with Goku and Vegeta. The pair come from a people who are more concerned with world domination than fashion trends. Still, Goku and Vegeta have changed up their outfits from time to time, and fans got to see the pair's latest threads when Super Dragon Ball Heroes put out a new episode.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for the anime's latest episode below:

For those who are not caught up with the show, the promotional anime got season two going last week. Episode 21 debuted to positive reviews as its new arc got underway, and fans were eager to see how Goku and Vegeta looked in their latest outfits.

You can see the outfits in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes video below, and the first to pop up is none other than Goku's gear. The Saiyan shows up when the episode turns its eyes to Universe 7, and the hero looks plenty happy holding a yellow bird before him. The Gi which Goku is wearing looks as orange as any, but his undershirt is black. In fact, all of the blue in Goku's usual outfit has been replaced with black here, and fans admit the change is very jarring despite it being so small.


Of course, Vegeta had to one-up Goku, so his outfit change is much more dramatic. The hero is shown leaning against a tree shortly after the episode begins, and his chest armor looks rather different. Not only are the hip plates new, but the patterns on the chest are different. Vegeta is also wearing a totally different bodysuit beneath his armor, so fans can tell the Saiyan really reached for this new look... and Bulma most definitely had a hand in designing it!

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