Super Dragon Ball Heroes Shares Next Episode Release Date

Dragon Ball has a lot going on this week, and the franchise's PR anime is about to make it even busier. In a matter of days, Dragon Ball Super will return to shelves when its most recent chapter goes live, and it will be joined shortly after by the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The PR anime is slated to return this week, and its exact release date has been revealed.

The news comes straight from the Dragon Ball Heroes page on Twitter, and it confirms the new episode will drop Friday. May 22 will mark the drop of Big Bang Mission's third episode. This debut appears to be on-schedule despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, so fans can look forward to see what happens in this episode.

As for what we know about episode three, the update will follow Goku as he and the gang pursue Fu. They will be joined by Tokitoki who is being hunted by the Gods of Destruction, so it will not be long before those deities try to stand in their way. All of these teases were dropped in the official synopsis for episode three last month, so you can read that blurb below if you need a refresher:

"Guided by Tokitoki, Goku and the others are following Fu. When they finally arrive on a planet... strong enemies stand in their way! At the same time, while Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta are researching on their own, suddenly a mysterious man appears who calls himself Dr. W."


Clearly, it seems like episode three will have plenty in store for fans, and they are excited for some action. Much of the Big Bang Mission thus far has been set up, so it is about time Goku got the chance to loosen up. And if that means he gets to fight Beerus again, well - that is all the better for fans!

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