The Promised Neverland Creators Address the Franchise's Future

The Promised Neverland's story has come to an end in its manga, wrapping the arc of Emma, Ray, and Norman, but that isn't stopping the franchise from moving forward with new seasons of its anime, a live action feature length film, and a series being produced by Amazon, and the creators of the franchise have given their thoughts as to what the future holds for the dark franchise. The second season of the anime is set to return next year, following the young children of the orphanage attempting to navigate a world that is ruled by horrific monsters.

The Promised Neverland has differentiated itself from a number of anime franchises that are currently popular today by showing us a world that focuses on a game of "cat and mouse" between the young occupants of an orphanage and countless monsters that are ruling the world and effectively raising the children to be their next meal. With the first season seeing our main protagonists of Ray, Emma, and Norman helping their fellow children escape their predicament, season two will dive into what the world looks like outside of the walls that held them, holding plenty of surprises for fans as the anime marches forward.

The creators of The Promised Neverland, writer Kaiu Shirai and artist Posuka Demizu, recently sat down for an interview for the franchise's art book, going into detail about the future of the anime franchise when it comes to the aforementioned projects and hinting that there may be more to come when it comes to the story of Emma, Ray, and Norman:

"Shirai: It's undecided when and where it'll be, but I want to properly return the story points which the readers interpreted as hints and foreshadows. I'm aware that some of them haven't been revealed yet, so I want you to rest assured.

Demizu: There are other things, such as anime season 2, Live action movie, and western drama project.

Shirai: There may be some things. (laughs) Please look forward to them! (laughs)

Demizu: I'd say I want to stay the same, and remain in good health forever! (laughs) Shirai: That's also true (laughs). Health is important!"


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