The Rising of the Shield Hero's New Director Teases Season 2

The Rising of the Shield Hero's second season is set to drop next year following the success of the first adventures of Naofumi as the young otaku attempts to save a world that fears him, and new director, Masato Jinbo, who will be replacing season one's Takao Abo, gave his thoughts on the upcoming season during Crunchyroll Expo. During the recent digital convention, Masato went into detail about some of the new elements that will be added to the fantasy world as well as how they are going to play off the success of season one!

Jinbo is no rookie when it comes to directing anime, having lent his talents to the likes of A Certain Scientific Railgun, Restaurant To Another World, Room Camp, and Super HxEros to name a few. With the Rising of the Shield Hero premiering in 2019, fans have been waiting to how the adventures of Naofumi, Raphtalia, and their growing group of adventurers will manage to continue their fight against the wave of monsters that are currently threatening the fantasty world in which they currently reside.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season Two Director
(Photo: Kinema Citrus)

Jinbo went into detail about some of the new aspects that will be landing in season two of The Rising of the Shield Hero, unveiling some new information about the return of the popular anime franchise:

"A giant enemy called the Spirit Turtle? Being transported further into another world? Naomi and his friends will have to face various new challenges. How will Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo will take them on, now that they’ve matured? I also hope everyone looks forward to seeing the new characters that join Naofumi’s party, Rishia and Kizuna."

The new director also went into detail about how he is planning to take into account the work that was done in the first season, and the previous journey for Naofumi and his growing clan:

"We’ll follow in season one’s footsteps and wok on making everything its best. The rest of the staff and I our giving our all for these characters so please look forward to watching it."


A release date has yet to be revealed for season two of The Rising of the Shield Hero but fans are excited to see what the series from Kinema Citrus has in store!

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