The Seven Deadly Sins Introduces Meliodas and Elizabeth's Child

The Seven Deadly Sins has made amends with fans all over now that the series has ended. After less than a decade in print, the fantastical title has come to a close this week. The Seven Deadly Sins wrapped things up earlier this week with Kodansha Comics bidding the title farewell, and it dropped a fairly huge surprise on fans. So you have been warned! There are some major spoilers below about the series' final chapter and its big surprise!

Or well, it might be considered more of a small surprise. If we are talking literally, Tristan Liones is a small boy, but he packs a major bloodline. It turns out he is the child of Elizabeth and Meliodas, making him the product of one of the series' biggest ships to date.

Yes, you read that right! Elizabeth and Meliodas become endgame in the final chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins. This comes as little to no surprise to fans given how cozy the pair were in the anime. Meliodas and Elizabeth have a love story that travels through the ages, and it makes sense their legacies would carry on with a child.

As for the kid? His name is Tristan, and he is known as the prince of the Kingdom of Liones. There is no word on whether he has any siblings, but there could be more on the way since Tristan is 10 years old in this final chapter.


You might expect Tristan to take more after his mother given their similar appearances but that is not true. Tristan is wild at heart and has enough energy to keep Meliodas on his toes. He wants nothing more than to become a Holy Knight or even join the Seven Deadly Sins one day. This determined spirit is something which Tristan received from both of his parents, and fans are hopeful future spin-offs of The Seven Deadly Sins will show how the prince fares in the future.

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