'Tokyo Ghoul:re' Releases Dark New Visual

The countdown has started for Tokyo Ghoul's upcoming season. This spring, the anime will unleash its third season upon the world, and fans are eager to see its adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul:re. Studio Pierrot has been hard at work on the show for awhile now, and a dark key visual for the show was shared not long ago.

So, if you have missed the anime's ghoulish aesthetic, then you will be really happy to see this teaser.

Over on Twitter, the official page for Tokyo Ghoul:re posted a screenshot from one upcoming episode. The image, which can be seen below, shows Haise Sasaki unleashing his kagune in a dark alley. The ominous shot sees the CCG member and Quinx Squad member losing control, and his kagune should look familiar to fans.

After all, it is the one Ken Kaneki uses. Fans should be able to tell by Sasaki's hair, but the protagonist is actually Kaneki... He's just got a touch of amnesia now.

The tweet was posted to explain which Japanese networks will air the new Tokyo Ghoul season. Starting April 3, stations Tokyo MX, Sun TV, TV Aichi, TVQ, BS 11, and Kyushu Broadcast will air the show every Tuesday.


For those unfamiliar with Tokyo Ghoul, the series was original created by Sui Ishida. The story follows Ken Kaneki, a student who survives an encounter with his date, who turns out to be a ghoul. Kaneki's world is filled with Ghouls, beings who eat humans, and they've been living among humans in secret. After surviving this attack he wakes up to realize that he himself has become a ghoul because of a surgery that implanted organs from the ghoul who attacked him. In order to live somewhat a normal life, Kaneki needs to eat human flesh to survive. Luckily he's taken in by a group of ghouls at the cafe Anteiku, who help him reintegrate into society.

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