Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

Tokyo Revengers has been around for more than five years now, but the time has come for it to end. As its creator promised, Takemichi brought his journey to an end today as the manga's final update went live. Of course, fans are curious about how the series wrapped, and that goes double right now given how controversial its penultimate chapter was. So if you need some help navigating the series finale, you have come to the right place.

After all, chapter 278 has a lot to unpack, and all of its twists tie directly to Tokyo Revengers chapter 277. We will go over the highlights of both chapters below including all the controversial bits that have fans in an uproar. So obviously, there will be major spoilers for Tokyo Revengers below!

How Does the Series End?

To kick things off, chapter 277 stirred the pot when it dropped last week, and that is because a major shift went down between Takemichi and Mikey. During the final saga, readers watched as Takemichi was killed during a gang war, and Mikey was left to pray for his friend's return. Well, chapter 277 confirmed the two boys would reunite. Takemichi and Mikey were both thrown back into the past, and the two realized each other remembered their futures, and the pair promised to avoid the heartaches awaiting them.

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With many of their fallen friends now alive, Takemichi and Mikey decide to form a gang together. Tokyo Revengers then fast forwards several years as the two boys save everyone from Izana to Koko and even the entire Shiba Family. It is the definition of deus ex machina as both characters avoid every pitfall they experienced in their previous futures. And by the time chapter 278 comes around, everyone is given a happy ending.

After all, Takemichi kicks off the finale by marrying his sweetheart Hina. The chapter takes place 11 years after the boy disbanded his gang with Mikey, and the entire gang is doing well. Mikey has become a pro racer while Draken works as his mechanic. With no deaths marring this future, Takemichi and Mikey have built the future of their dreams. However, fans aren't all that pleased with the happy ending. It may be nice, but it only came around thanks to a huge plot reversal. The last-minute twist isn't sitting well with readers, and to many fans, the choice to send our stars back in time reeks of lazy writing.

What do you think about the ending of Tokyo Revengers? Did the finale take you by surprise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.