Tokyo Revengers Sequel Anime Announced

Tokyo Revengers is coming back for a new anime project! Check out the announcement teaser and poster:

Tokyo Revengers is coming back for a new sequel anime project, and has announced its impending return with a new teaser and poster! Tokyo Revengers wrapped up the third season of the anime last Fall with the adaptation of the Tenjiku Arc from Ken Wakui's original manga series. This arc featured yet another massive fight for Takemichi Hanegaki as he tried to save Mikey from himself once more, but also ended with yet another big cliffhanger much like the first two seasons. But thankfully it has been announced that the anime will be continuing with a new entry soon enough. 

Tokyo Revengers has announced it will be returning for a sequel anime, but unfortunately has yet to confirm the format for this new project. Which means this new entry can range anywhere from a full Season 4 of the TV anime, feature film, OVA project, and more. This also means there are very few concrete details about what to expect from the coming sequel Tokyo Revengers project, but you can check out the special announcement teaser in the video above. You can also find an intense poster with Takemichi and Mikey below. 

How to Watch Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers has yet to announce when this new sequel anime will be releasing, but that also means there's plenty of time to catch up with the first three seasons of the anime. You can find all three seasons now streaming with Hulu, but only the first two seasons have been released with an English dub as of the time of this publication. The third season is also attached to Season 2, and is considered Episodes 14-26 to further add on to the confusion. As for what to expect from the anime, Tokyo Revengers is teased as such: 

"Takemichi Hanagaki is pushed onto the tracks as he attempts to board a train. When he wakes up, he realizes that somehow he had gone back in time 12 years and is a middle school student. Using this new-found time, Takemichi vows to save his girlfriend from being murdered by the ruthless Tokyo Manji Gang and thereby changing the destinies of those around him. Takemichi fights against Black Dragon, the gang group which has turned Tokyo Manji Gang evil."

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 wrapped up the Tenjiku Arc from Ken Wakui's original manga, which means there are only a few more arcs before it all comes to an end. So with the anime coming back for another project, it's one step closer to that grand finale.