Toonami Has More Original Shows in the Works, Says One Exec

Toonami has been a staple for anime fans in the United States for decades now. Despite its ups and downs, the late-night block has found a core fanbase that tunes in every week for a new dose of anime goodness. Of course, there are always fans who are worried about the program's safety given its niche market, but one executive at Toonami says fans have no need to worry about it dying.

Over on Twitter, Jason DeMarco commented on Toonami's future after a fan shared their concern about the block. It was there the Toonami cofounder assured followers things were going well, and there is a slew of original shows being developed for the block that fans have never heard about.

"Ahh "Toonami is dying" the thing I've heard since 2012. We have three originals coming out next year, three more actively in production that haven't been announced, it's going to be okay! Promise," DeMarco shared.

Toonami 2020 TOM 6
(Photo: Adult Swim)

The exec continued his address to fans by apologizing for the lack of new content coming to Toonami. The ongoing pandemic has shorted dub schedules in a big way due to production delays. With many casts recording from home if at all, you can see why Toonami is struggling to coordinate new dub releases these days.

"I'm sorry the schedule has been jacked up, but a global pandemic plus an economic crisis has affected all levels of the anime acquisition business, at my company and several others. I can't say it's going to be "fixed" any time soon, but please know- we are doing our very best," he wrote.


"But as we have said before, plans are in place to secure the future. Yes, new shows will be coming to the block. We aren't just sitting around (although we ARE all working from home). It's gonna be okay! We haven't forgotten our mission."

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