Trigun Stampede Team Details the Anime's Appeal to New Fans

Trigun's anime series first began in the late 1990s, and though Vash the Stampede was able to return briefly in 2010 for a feature-length film, it's been quite some time since the Humanoid Typhoon appeared on the screen. Next year, things are set to change with the arrival of Trigun Stampede, a new anime series that will bring back the sixty-billion-double-dollar man will arrive in 2023 with the creators recently attending this year's Anime Expo to discuss how the new story will reel in new fans.

It hasn't been revealed if Trigun Stampede will be a prequel or reboot for the original Trigun series that first dropped its initial anime in 1998, though Vash's new appearance certainly leads credence to the idea that the events of the new anime might be taking place prior to the story of the original manga that kicked things off. 

In an interview at Anime Expo, the producer of the series, Katsuhiro Takei, dove into how they plan to attract new audiences to the story of Vash while also stressing that the series isn't about Vash's "return", but rather, a new introduction to the character:

"As we mentioned in the panel, the word "coming" is very important, which Nightow also emphasized. Vash is not "coming back;" he's "coming." When creating a new Trigun, there's also the aspect of presenting it to new fans. I figured what is important to show new fans is how easy it is to come into the series. As a producer, personally, I'm very attached to the old Trigun-which is also very legendary-but also, I don't want people to feel alienated. I don't want new viewers to think that it's something harder to come into because it's an already known and existing series. I want it to be easy for people to come in. That's why I try to be creative about the promotion of it. From the production perspective, Waki is thinking about that as well. Director Muto is also very concerned about it being entertaining, and it's one of his priorities."

The last time that fans were able to see Vash animated was during the Trigun film, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, released in 2010, from Studio Madhouse. 

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