Ultraman: Rising Director Explains Post-Credits Scene Tease (Exclusive)

Ultraman: Rising director Shannon Tindle broke down the major tease from its post-credits scene!

Ultraman: Rising has a major post-credits scene that drops a tease for potential future movies, and the director behind it all revealed to ComicBook an even bigger tease about what could come in the future! Ultraman: Rising is a project that director Shannon Tindle has been developing for over two decades, and united with Tsuburaya Productions and Netflix on a brand new take on Ultraman. The film introduces a new Ultraman who has his own kind of origin story before it reaches its end with a climactic finale. But there's something big teased following the end of the credits. 

Ultraman: Rising ends with Ken, Gigantron, and the child as they head to the Kaiju's home of Kaiju Island. But after the end credits, Ken suddenly gets a message from his thought dead mother, Emiko, from a location known as "Nebula M78" where she not only reveals she's still alive, but needs his help getting home. Speaking to this, director Shannon Tindle told ComicBook that this ties into his ideas for two more movies that explore a race not seen in the first film, the Seijin. 

(Photo: Netflix)

Ultraman: What Is Nebula M78?

For those unaware of the original Ultraman franchise, Nebula M78, is a nebula out in space that serves as the original home for the Ultras seen in the franchise. While much of the space farers come from the World of the Land of Light, the Seijin are alien representatives from various planets in this nebula. This ranges from foes to allies seen in the original Tokusatsu franchise, and Tindle revealed that space is likely going to play a big role in future plans as he knows "very specifically" what he wants to do in coming projects. 

"I will say this. I have ideas for two more films," Tindle told ComicBook. "I know very specifically what I want to do for those two films. And all I can say is, fans of the emotion and the heart of Ultraman, people who don't know anything about Ultraman at all, I think are going to be surprised if I get to make those movies, and hardcore fans, they're going to have fun too. Because there's one thing that we didn't explore in this film, and it's the Seijin. So I'll let you infer what you want with that."

It's yet to be announced if Ultraman: Rising will get a sequel, but the film is now streaming with Netflix.