Junji Ito's Uzumaki Gives Fans Behind The Scenes Look At Anime Production

Junji Ito has been considered by many to be the master of horror when it comes to the insanely dark manga stories that he's created during his career, but a pinnacle adaptation of his works has alluded him for some time, though the upcoming anime for Uzumaki might be the show to turn the tide as the Toonami production shares a behind the scenes look. Recently, at Comic Con 2020, the anime that is produced in conjunction with Cartoon Network and Production IG announced that it would be delayed to 2021, but that hasn't stopped fan excitement about the upcoming project.

Uzumaki follows the story of a cursed town that is dealing with quite the problem in an obsession with spirals. With said curse causing the rising of snail people, zombies with springs for legs, and gang members wielding the power of tornadoes to give themselves flight, this story is easily one of the most memorable and classic tales that Junji Ito has ever created during his history in the world of horror. With the first trailer showing that the series is following closely to the art style of Ito himself, even going so far as to be presented in black and white, we can't wait to see the mini-series drop on the programming block of Toonami!

The Official Twitter Account for Uzumaki shared this "behind the scenes" look into the production of the anime, showing off the recording of the characters from the voice actors as well as the equipment that is currently being wielded in order to bring one of Junji Ito's scariest stories to life:

Alongside Uzumaki, the streaming service of Quibi is looking to bring another of Ito's spine tingling tales to life with Tomie, the story of a young girl who seduces men while harboring a dark secret of her own. While Uzumaki, and Tomie, have both received live action adaptations, fans are still excited to see how these worlds of horror are brought to life with these new interpretations!

Are you hyped for the arrival of Uzumaki? What story of Junji Ito would you like to see receive a new adaptation? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the works of Junji Ito!