Uzumaki Posts Behind-the-Scenes Clip Ahead of Debut

Uzumaki is set to be one of the scariest anime series arriving on the small screen next year, focusing on one of the most popular tales from the twisted mind of the master of horror, Junji Ito. Though the series had to be delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a new Uzumaki clip has surfaced to celebrate the holiday season showing that Adult Swim and Production IG are hard at work when it comes to bringing the story of a twisted town to life. 

Junji Ito himself is quite unlike the spooky stories he weaves, with his light demeanor and sense of humor being far from the creepy characters and monsters that he injects into his stories. Uzumaki is considered to be one of his greatest works, the story revolving around the idiosyncratic tale of a mountain town that is dealing with an obsession with spirals that rise to the surface in spine-chilling ways. This is far from the first time that Junji Ito's stories have been adapted into the medium of anime, with the likes of The Junji Ito Collection and Gyo being examples of his work hitting the small screen. Unlike these past examples, Uzumaki sticks closely to Ito's artistic style, which has definitely caught a lot of eyes.

Uzumaki's Official Twitter Account shared a behind-the-scenes clip of the anime's production, showing that creator Junji Ito will be playing a role in the series itself, lending his voice to a mysterious character that they have yet to reveal ahead of the show premiering in the Fall of 2022 on Adult Swim:

Though Junji Ito might be focused on the world of anime when it comes to adapting his past work, the horror mangaka is continuing to release new books that help expand his resume when it comes to some of the scariest stories in any medium. Recently releasing books Sensor and Deserter, it seems that Ito isn't planning on stopping when it comes to the printed page any time soon. There have also been rumors that a new Junji Ito anime project is in the works outside of Uzumaki, but news has been under wraps if true on that front. 

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