Vinland Saga Creator Reacts to Anime's Original Content

Vinland Saga might not be entirely historically accurate in portraying the world of Vikings hundreds of years ago, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming a behemoth in the world of anime. As the second season has been confirmed to arrive early next year, the creator of the anime franchise recently took the opportunity to share his thoughts on the anime adaptation that retold the story of Thorfinn for a brand new audience that might not have experienced the manga.

Makoto Yukimura had this to say about the original scenes from the anime adaptation, enjoying seeing his work come to life thanks to the creators at Wit Studio:

"First, I was really happy to see a Vinland Saga that I didn't know play out on screen. I particularly felt a sense of gratitude regarding the fifth and sixth episodes. Thorfinn is separated from his father Thors at a young age and ends up working for Askeladd, but in the manga I skipped over what happened until Thorfinn was sixteen. The anime did a great job of showing the process of him growing up and filling in that gap, so I really appreciated it."

Adding to Yukimura's thoughts, Hiroshi Seko discussed how he changed the events of the series to focus more on the growth of the protagonist who sought revenge for the death of his father: 

"When I was developing the series outline, I told Yabuta I wanted to show it in chronological order to illustrate Thorfinn's growth."

Director Shuhei Yabuta also discussed the original content that was included to help further explore the story of the anime protagonist: 

"And that really made sense to me, so I agreed. That's why we ended up putting bits of Thorfinn growing up in Episodes Five and Six. I was interested in seeing how a six-year-old would survive after being suddenly taken in by a Viking band, and I also wanted to see how Thorfinn grew from a gentle boy into the young man he becomes."

Season two of Vinland Saga has yet to reveal a specific release date, but fans can expect it to arrive early next year. 

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Via Official Vinland Saga Website