Vinland Saga Creator Sends Adorable Message to English Fans

Vinland Saga might not have been the most popular anime that were released in 2019, having to [...]

Vinland Saga might not have been the most popular anime that were released in 2019, having to compete with the likes of Demon Slayer and Fire Force, but the anime series that followed the story of Thorfinn and his viking quest for vengeance definitely scored a passionate fan base in the West and the creator of the franchise is giving his thanks! Makoto Yukimura created the viking saga in 2005, beginning the story that was based around true events and would eventually receive an anime adaptation from Wit Studio, the animation house that became legendary thanks to their work on Attack On Titan!

Vinland Saga followed the story of Thorfinn, a young viking whose father was killed on a trip far from their village, with the youngster deciding that the best way he'd get revenge for his parent is to join the very rogues that murdered him. Tagging alongside his father's murderer, Askaladd, Thorfinn becomes an insanely strong warrior who is constantly demanding that his father's killer fight him in a one on one battle. Though Thorfinn is denied his revenge at every turn, his strength grows and he becomes easily one of the most powerful vikings that the world has ever seen.

Makoto Yukimura shared this heart warming message to English fans of Vinland Saga that thanks them for reading along with his manga, and watching the anime adaptation, which has become a fan favorite for so many throughout the years by adding an anime flair to real life events:

A second season for Vinland Saga's anime has yet to be confirmed, and considering how the season ends on quite the cliffhanger, fans are waiting with their fingers crossed to hear if the franchise will be making its returns onto the small screens. With Wit Studio no longer covering the final season of Attack On Titan, focusing on the adventures of Thorfinn once again might be a definite possibility for the animation house.

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