Vinland Saga Reveal Huge Details The Newest Character of Season Two

Vinland Saga is set to make a comeback next year with the second season of its anime adaptation. In a recent interview, the creator of the series along with some of the creative minds behind the anime series discussed various details of the television show. One of the biggest is the inclusion of a new major character in season two which fans of the manga might recognize from the viking story's pages. Needless to say, expect Einar to have a major role in the future of the franchise.   

Director Shuhei Yubata had this to say about the newest character that is set to be the "lynchpin" of Vinland Saga's second season, with Thorfinn still set to have a major role in the anime series that introduced this story of vikings to a number of new fans:

"The lynchpin of the start of Season Two is definitely Einar. He left a strong impression on me when I read the manga, so when we were outlining the series, Seko and I started with discussing where his strength came from. I didn't think we could start mapping out the series until we understood the source of his strength." 

Yabuta also tackled the condition of Thorfinn following the dramatic ending of the first season of Vinland Saga's first season:

"One thing we talked about was what kind of condition Thorfinn was in as he returned from Season One. We couldn't use him effectively as a character without working out just how much savagery remained in him. Thorfinn and Einar's relationship was also an essential part of the story in terms of its watchability and entertainment factor, so I'm glad we spent so much time on it. When we completed the series outline, it felt like we'd made some serious progress.  

We tried hard to portray him with the same strength and kindness we felt from him in the manga. The challenge was how to combine those two to make his character. Einar's way of relating to Thorfinn in the beginning is superficially different from the source material, but his fundamentals haven't changed. Think of it as new scenes being born in the process of trying to make an Einar close to his manga version."  

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Via Vinland Saga Official Website