We Never Learn Finally Reveals the Face of Nariyuki's Father

We Never Learn has finally revealed the full face of Nariyuki Yuiga's father! We Never Learn technically came to an end earlier this Spring when Nariyuki Yuiga and one of the main heroines confirmed their romance, but series creator Taishi Tsutsui surprised fans with the announcement that the series will be exploring parallel endings featuring the four other main heroines. Each of these routes has been fleshing out the world of the series in many ways, and the fifth and final route has been focused on Mafuyu Kirisu. With her direct connection with Nariyuki's father, the newest chapter of the series jumped at the chance for one big reveal.

Nariyuki's father has been fairly mysterious through the course of the series as previous chapters had held back from revealing his full face. The same goes for his name, Teruaki, as it was not revealed until fairly late in the series' run. With We Never Learn soon coming to an end, Tsutsui finally gave fans a full look at Teruaki Yuiga's face in Chapter 184 of the series:

This reveal came during a pivotal point in Kirisu's flashback as she comes to terms with her feelings for Nariyuki by the end of the chapter. As was revealed in a flashback, the two of them had actually met years before as Mafuyu helped a lost Nariyuki reunite with his father, who was one of Mafuyu's teachers at the time that helped eventually inspire her own role as a teacher.

With Mafuyu now having romantic feelings for Nairyuki, the fifth and final route of the series is now nearing its end. Creator Taishi Tsutsui even updated fans with the fact that he had finished the draft for the final chapter of the series, so We Never Learn's ending will be for real this time around. It's coming fairly soon now that we have reached the climax of Mafuyu's route, and this climax involved one of the biggest reveals of the series overall in Teruaki's face.

What did you think seeing Teruaki's full face for the first time? How have you felt about Mafuyu Kirisu's ending so far? Which of We Never Learn's five endings has been your favorite overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!