Attack on Titan: Is Season 4 Going to Get a Movie?

Will Attack on Titan get a movie after Season 4 Part 2 is done? That's the question that fans can't stop asking, as the final Season 4 episodes are released. At the time of writing this, Attack On Titan has aired its 86th episode – leaving just one more to go (Episode 87). However, there's very clear math at work when you compare Attack On Titan's anime and manga: Fans have already determined that episode 87 of the show ("The Dawn of Humanity") will take the story up until about Chapter 130 of the manga; the series ended on Chapter 139, leaving about nine of the most crucial chapters of the story left to finish. 

So... will Attack On Titan finish the story with a movie? 

According to Reddit math, a feature-length Attack On Titan would adapt about one or one-and-a-half chapters of the manga for every 20-25 minutes of screen time. Therefore, an Attack On Titan movie would be able to adapt pretty much every panel of the final nine manga chapters in a movie that runs about 2.5 hours. The timing seems too exact to be coincidental: it seems more like MAPPA has a plan to finish the series in major fashion. 

A lot of Attack On Titan fans are currently expecting the movie to be announced at AnimeJapan 2022, which is being held later this same week. Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2's final episode is being held this week and will air next week on April 4th; AnimeJapan 2022 could indeed be where fans get to let out their collective breath, as they learn that a good and proper ending is coming to them – before the actual end of the televised anime series arrives. 

Without dropping any spoilers, fans of Attack On Titan who have read the manga know that a big-screen movie may be the only "proper" way to adapt the final chapters of Attack On Titan's story, and its climactic battle(s). With Eren Jaeger transformed into the Founding Titan and leading The Rumbling, the scale of what Attack On Titan is doing right now is literally and figuratively on a bigger level. The look and sound of The Rumbling (and its seemingly inevitable arrival on foreign lands) is something Attack On Titan fans would absolutely pay to experience in theaters. And MAPPA may realize that opportunity is undeniably there and plans to capitalize on it. 

Of course, an Attack On Titan movie isn't the only option: MAPPA could just as easily announce that a final set of episodes (Attack On Titan Season 4: Part 3) will be arriving... eventually. It wouldn't be as lucrative as a theatrical box office, but would still give the franchise one more shot to cash-in on home video and streaming. 

How do you want Attack On Titan to end?