Yashahime Hints at the Fate of Inuyasha and Kagome

When it was announced that Inuyasha was coming out with a sequel, fans were immediately determined to find out what happened to the anime's half-demon hero. After all, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon was set with its focus on the new generation of demon hunters, so that left little room for Inuyasha and Kagome to appear. Things were made even worse when the pair's daughter showed up after having not been raised by her parents. With Moroha fuzzy about their fate, fans have feared the worse for Kagome and Inuyasha, and fans finally got a hint at what happened to the pair before Yashahime began.

In their bid to stop the leader of the Furies, Setseuna, Moroha, and Towa found themselves battling against the owl demon, who was powered up by one of the Rainbow Pearls. Now having the ability to place his opponents into a coma, trapped within their own dreams, a flashback for Moroha revealed her as an infant, being guarded by both Kagome and Inuyasha who are being assailed by the most unlikely of opponents. Sesshomaru, and a mystery being who may very well be Kirinmaru, were seen approaching both Inuyasha and Kagome, seemingly looking to start a battle with them for reasons yet unknown.

Yashahime Fate of Kagome and Inuyasha
(Photo: Sunrise)

The mystery of just what happened to Inuyasha and Kagome has been one that has been plaguing fans since the first promotional material was released for Yashahime: Princess Half Demon, but this quick flashback wasn't simply tragic for not telling the whole story, but also because it showed just how much Kagome cared for her daughter. Crying over what might happen to Moroha, Kagome gave her the clam that we have seen the daughter of Inuyasha use time and time again to unleash her demonic power in the form of Beniyasha, the demonic destroyer of lands.

The series so far has been laying the seeds as to the mystery behind just why Moroha, Setsuna, and Towa, but this latest episode is clearly one of the biggest, giving us what might have been the last moments between Moroha and her parents as they were approached by the unlikely foe in Sesshomaru. Needless to say, fans are bursting to see the mystery revealed and just where Inuyasha and Kagome currently are in this "new era".

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