Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon Fan Offers Big Reward After Thieves Stole Card Collection

Card collections are nothing to sneeze at when you look at the cost. From Pokemon to Yu-Gi-Oh, [...]

Card collections are nothing to sneeze at when you look at the cost. From Pokemon to Yu-Gi-Oh, these series bring in a ton of cash with their card games, and collectors are all too willing to spend cash on their favorite franchises. However, one fan's impressive collection has found itself compromised after thieves broke into their houses.

Over on Facebook, Sean McCabe shared some upsetting news with fans after their finale Carolyn Colajezzi was targeted by robbers. The fan posted a plea on Facebook that detailed the ordeal and confirmed Colajezzi's collection was nabbed during the robbery.

"Hey guys, my name is Sean McCabe and I'm posting this on behalf of my fiance, Carolyn Colajezzi. Anyone that knows Carolyn knows she has one of the very best collections of both Yugioh and Pokemon cards in our community. On Monday, January 18 at 9:39 am our house in Philadephia was broken into by 2 men. I was home at the time and when my house alarm went off I woke up and headed downstairs to see just the leg of the last guy running out of the house. By the time I got to the front door they were gone down the street," McCabe wrote.

Continuing, the fan said his fiancé and he was offering a $5,000 USD award for the collection's return. After all, there are some very rare cards in this Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon combo. A total of six binders were stolen during the robbery, and the books included some rare and event-exclusive cards.

"What was stolen was 6 binders worth of very high-value Yugioh and Pokemon cards. Included in this were some very rare yugioh misprints including a Glow-up Bulb with no holo, a double stamped XX-Saber Gottoms (quad Gottoms), and Metal Raiders secret rares with the wrong names. Some other very rare cards include UBE Exodia Set, sealed World Championship packs, a complete 1st edition ghost rare collection, 9 ultra rare morphing jars, 4 DDS Blue-Eyes, a MF Bubbleman, 1st edition Legend of Blue-Eyes cards, and much much more. Below is just a few pictures of one of the binders to show some of the other cards. She will have a mostly complete list if the next day or 2."

Unfortunately, McCabe and his fiancé believe they have a small lead on the robbery. The pair believe the thieves are part of the card game community, so netizens are pulling together to help bring these robbers to justice.

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