Yu-Gi-Oh LEGO Build Focuses on The Sky Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh is hard to beat when it comes to anime monsters, and over the years, some of its beasts have become quite iconic. Picks like the Blue-Eyes White Dragon are hard to ignore, but Kaiba's favorite does have his challengers. Silfer the Sky Dragon has become a popular pick with fans as of late, and one LEGO fanatic is going viral after creating a brick build of the monster.  

The build comes courtesy of YouTuber God Turtle LEGO Creations. As you can see below, the creator decided it was time to make a fan-build for Silfer the Sky Dragon, and it is a pretty sweet Yu-Gi-Oh kit.

According to the instructions, this kit takes 2,680 LEGO bricks of all sorts. You can watch the full video to get a realtime reveal of how Silfer the Sky Dragon comes to life. Of course, this custom build is done using brick software, but it would not be hard to do this kit in real life. The troublesome bit will be finding all the necessary pieces, but if you love LEGO and Yu-Gi-Oh, the pain will be worth it.

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Sadly, LEGO doesn't have any official Yu-Gi-Oh kits, but that hasn't stopped fans of the anime from doing fan kits. In fact, the anime fandom has come to embrace LEGO in recent years with whole communities dedicated to original builds. From Naruto to Mobile Suit Gundam and Bleach, you can recreate some of anime's best series with LEGO if you've got the time to put something original together. And thanks to fans like God Turtle, it is becoming easier by the day to put together your own figures!

What do you think about this LEGO fan build? Would you like Yu-Gi-Oh to license some real kits? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.