Blade's Daughter to Star in Upcoming Marvel Series

Blade's daughter is about headline her own Marvel series. Announced today at New York Comic Con, Bloodline: Daughter of Blade, from writer Danny Lore and artist Karen S. Darboe, follows Brielle Brooks, daughter of Eric Brooks, a.k.a. Blade. Marvel Comics introduced Brielle Brooks into the Marvel Universe earlier this year in the pages of Free Comic Book Day: Avengers/X-Men. Now, it's time for Brielle to discover her parentage and enter an entirely new world on the darker side of the Marvel Universe. You can see the cover of Bloodline: Daughter of Blade#1 below. Here's the synopsis for the series, provided by Marvel Comics in a press release:

"Introduced earlier this year in Free Comic Book Day: Avengers/X-Men, the daughter of Blade makes her long-awaited return in BLOODLINE: DAUGHTER OF BLADE by the new hero's creators, writer Danny Lore and artist Karen S. Darboe. Brielle Brooks is a good kid, no matter what her teachers say--it's not her fault she's developing vampiric super powers and the undead want to brawl! And as if problems at school aren't enough, Bri's got a wild ride ahead of her… she's about to discover she's the daughter of the infamous vampire hunter and Daywalker known as BLADE!"

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"I have been sitting on this for awhile, and sharing this labor of love fills my heart with joy," Lore said on Twitter. "I'm overjoyed!!!!"

Blade is currently on his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though the project has hit a couple speed bumps along the way. Some wonder, in the meantime, if Bloodline could be joining him soon after.

Bloodline comes after a previously announced series starring a different character as Blade's daughter was announced in 2015, but never materialized. Would-be writer Tim Seeley previously explained what happened.

"The short story is, I quit," Seeley told Newsarama. "The long story is when Marvel hired me, I had just written ten years of a horror comic starring a female lead so I seemed like a good fit. So we threw around ideas of doing Blade's daughter and when they announced it, Marvel was in a weird place because they had announced the hip-hop covers and a lot of people saw 'here's another black lead with an all-white creative team' and you know it's valid and definitely the case."

"After a while, I felt like it was me screwing this up," Seeley continued. "I couldn't help but feel like a black woman might write this stuff better than me and saved them from me. In the wake of Black Panther launching so well, maybe Blade is the book they find new talent on."

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 goes on sale on February 1st.