Dark Horse Reveals First Look at You Never Heard of Me (Exclusive)

Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli team up for new Dark Horse series You Never Heard of Me

Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli have proven to be an all-star combination with past works like A Thing Called Truth, Alice in Leatherland, and The Least We Can Do, and now they are teaming up once again for a brand new series from Dark Horse Comics titled You Never Heard of Me. The new five-issue series will be released in November of 2024 and will feature covers, interior art, and colors by Romboli as well as story and letters by Zanfardino. The series will deliver a coming-of-age story with humor, romance, and lots of magic, as a boy named Will learns to navigate his new abilities of foresight and the stress that such an ability can cause. You can get an exclusive first look at the first cover in the image below.

You Never Heard of Me centers around a boy named Will, who has the ability to see the best and worst moments of a person's life with just a touch. Those moments can be from the past, present, or future, and depending on the circumstance, he might even be able to affect those moments and events directly, attempting to change them for the better.

(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

The ability to directly affect someone's life in that manner also comes with its share of stress and anxiety and would be difficult to manage for anyone. When you're a teenager who is already dealing with a host of changes and day-to-day problems, that can quickly become overwhelming. With the potential to change someone's life, which lives do you change and how much change do you cause? You're playing with someone's existence after all, and decisions like that can come with a heavy toll, something Will is learning in real-time. You can find the official description below.

What Is You Never Heard of Me About?

"For Will, the ability to touch someone and see both the best and the worst moments of their life, be they past or future, means the ability to try to change things for the better. Such power can feel like a curse, especially if you're a teenage seer who thinks he has enough problems already! Intimate knowledge of people's darkest secrets, fears, and aspirations can be just as overwhelming as the choices and possibilities to make a difference. When every choice matters, how do you bear the weight of problems far older than you?"

You Never Heard of Me #1 (of 5) lands in comic stores on November 20th and can be pre-ordered now at your local comic store for $3.99.

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