Marvel Teases Big Wolverine Announcement

What's black and white and red all over? We don't know, but it apparently has something to do with Wolverine. Marvel Comics on Monday revealed a cryptic teaser image with that riddle of a message. The image shows Wolverine in his New X-Men era costume letting out a feral yell. Images from Logan's past can be seen in the slash marks that adorn the teaser. Fans won't have to wait long to find out what the image means. It promises that answers will be revealed on later today. Whether that's a new ongoing series, miniseries, or something else remains to be seen.

Marvel launched its new Wolverine ongoing series as part of the second wave of Dawn of X X-Men titles earlier this year. Benjamin Percy writes the new series with Adam Kubert and Victor Bogdonavic on art. Percy has experience writing Wolverine, having written both seasons of the Marvel’s Wolverine podcast. He also wrote the comic book adaptation of Wolverine: The Long Night and is writing the Dawn of X X-Force series, which also features Wolverine.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

“We all have that character," Percy said after Marvel announced the series at New York Comic Con. "The one we love more than any other. The one we treasure in books and movies and maybe memorialize with a T-shirt or tattoo. The one we relate to as a cracked-mirror version of ourselves. For me -- as a growly, grumpy, hairy, smelly, muscled, flannel-clad, whiskey-swilling loner who lives in the woods of the frozen north -- it's Logan. And though this might sound corny, it also feels right to say that writing Wolverine is a dream come true, a childhood fantasy realized. No kidding, bub.”

Wolverine returned to the Marvel Universe in 2018. For a time, he kept busy with cosmic happenings involving a future version of himself possessed by the power of the Phoenix. With that out of the way, Wolverine returned to the X-Men in their darkest hour, fighting alongside Cyclops for the first time in years. He also became part of a new Savage Avengers team, alongside the Punisher and Conan the Barbarian.


The current Wolverine series sees Logan returning to doing what he does best, which isn't very nice. His new solo series sees him protecting Krakoa's interests by whatever means necessary, going up against a drug cartel and Omega Red.

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