DC Reveals a Surprising New Catwoman Costume

The events of the 'Joker War' arc have been pretty tumultuous, as nearly every character in Gotham [...]

The events of the "Joker War" arc have been pretty tumultuous, as nearly every character in Gotham City is impacted by the Clown Prince of Crime's machinations. For Batman himself, the event was an eye-opening an action-packed affair, one that set out to change his perspective on protecting Gotham overall. That was especially the case for Batman #100, the events of which saw The Joker putting the dynamic between Bruce Wayne and his fellow Gotham vigilantes to the test. In the process, fans got a handful of interesting moments for Selina Kyle/Catwoman -- including a look at an unexpected wardrobe change for her. Spoilers for Batman #100 by James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez, Tomeu Morey, and Clayton Cowles below! Only look if you want to know!

The main crux of the issue was a fiery fight between Batman and The Joker, the latter of whom was armed with a supercharged, technologically-advanced blue Batsuit. During the entire conflict, The Joker tried to tell Batman that Gotham would be too broken for him to ever truly fix, and for him to be able to have a perfect future of him being Batman.

Readers then got to see that "perfect future", which showed Batman and Catwoman in a romantic embrace while Batman wore the new blue suit. Catwoman was given an entirely new costume as well, which featured swaths of both grey and black, and also saw her foregoing her traditional pixie cut for a long hairstyle.

batman 100 catwoman new costume
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

While the new Catwoman costume only appears in that brief panel, and isn't actually canonical beyond being in the vision of Bruce's perfect future, it definitely is striking either way. It feels like the costume combines both the energy of her grey Batman: The Animated Series costume - which recently made a return in Catwoman's solo series - and the hairstyle she donned in the Silver and Bronze Ages. It also is an interesting visual complement to Bruce's blue suit, which we know is supposed to represent the idea of Batman being more of a bright public figure in Gotham.

"That suit will be revisited at some point," Batman group editor Ben Abernathy previously told ComicBook.com. "It's not meant strictly to be a cliffhanger mystery, but that suit, there'll be further discussion on that at some point down the line. But it is a pretty cool suit. I'll admit that. And actually talking to the design, that was like, 'Jorge, design this futuristic, cool suit.' And he worked up the design on that."

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