Dave Bautista Wants To Be James Gunn's Lex Luthor (Exclusive)

The DC Universe now rests in James Gunn's hands. Alongside Peter Safran, the Guardians of the Galaxy director was announced as the co-head of the freshly-minted DC Studios this past fall. While nothing tangible has come from Gunn's DC Universe yet, he has not been shy about teasing what he has in store for comic book movie fans. Beyond potential storylines and characters that he's planning on adapting, Gunn has alluded to the talent that he plans on tasking with bringing this rebooted cinematic universe to life, specifically hinting that he will "probably" work with his Guardians of the Galaxy cast at his "other job."

Following that quote, eyes immediately darted to Dave Bautista. Besides Bautista and Gunn's long-standing friendship, the wrestler-turned-actor has often emphasized his desire to suit up as a DC character, particularly as Bane. While the Bane window may have closed, ComicBook.com's Chris Killian offered a secondary option: Lex Luthor.

"I never though about that!" Bautista replied to Killian's post. "And now I'm not going be able to stop thinking about it."

Speaking to ComicBook.com's Liam Crowley at the Knock at the Cabin world premiere, Bautista elaborated, noting the side-by-side image of himself next to Luthor from Superman: The Animated Series got him thinking.

"I just never thought about playing that character. As soon as I saw that picture of myself next to Lex Luthor I was like, 'Man, that's really interesting,'" Bautista continued. "It's interesting to me. I'd be totally up for that, James Gunn."

Bautista could get his chance to play the iconic villain sooner than later too. The full DC Universe slate remains to be announced, but Gunn has confirmed that a Superman movie is in the works, with the studio head himself penning the project. There's no word on what antagonists are planned for that "younger" Clark Kent film, but Luthor tends to keep himself at an arm's length from the man of steel.

Bautista stars in M. Night Shyamalan's Knock at the Cabin which hits theaters this Friday, February 3rd.