DC Universe Deactivates TV App on Roku

As the HBO Max app arrived on Roku last week it signaled the end of the DC Universe app on the [...]

As the HBO Max app arrived on Roku last week it signaled the end of the DC Universe app on the service as it has officially been removed, even from Roku devices that already had it installed. ComicBook.com can confirm that the app is no longer available, having been unable to access it for the past few days. Fans on Twitter have taken to social media to ask why this happened as well, but the announcement was made months ago after WarnerMedia confirmed that DC Universe would be getting a face lift in the first part of 2021. That said, there was previously no announcement that the app would be disappearing so soon beforehand.

The pivot is expected to have its initial launch on January 21, 2021, before expanding globally in summer of 2021. It will see the platform focusing more on the comic book experience, with a slew of new features and earlier access to buzzworthy titles. DC Universe's original series, including Titans, Young Justice, Doom Patrol, DC's Stargirl, and Harley Quinn, have all moved to HBO Max with new seasons already in development.

dc universe roku no app
(Photo: ComicBook.com)

DC Universe Infinite will give fans access to over 24,000 comic books at launch, with an expanded collection of comics, original graphic novels, and digital-first comics that span 80 years of the DC Multiverse. The relaunch will also allow fans to access recently released titles six months after their physical editions are released in stores, as opposed to the year-long gap that currently exists on DC Universe. Fans will also have the ability to download an unlimited number of titles for offline reading on their favorite devices from a smartphone or tablet.

DC Universe Infinite will also continue to offer its fan-favorite community area for free to all registered and premium DC subscribers, with a full calendar of fan events planned for 2021. Subscribers will not need to create a new account as their DC Universe login will transfer to DC Universe Infinite.

The new service will also offer earlier access to digital-first comics, with titles including Aquaman: Deep Dives, Batman: Gotham Nights, DCeased: Hope at World's End, Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red, Injustice: Year Zero, Shazam!: Lightning Strikes, Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Swamp Thing: New Roots and Wonder Woman 84. Fans can also experience DC Universe Infinite Originals, including new comic content centered around beloved characters.

DC Universe Infinite will be available online at DCUniverseInfinite.com, and through iOS and Android devices. The service will retail for $7.99 a month, or $74.99 a year, which averages out to $6.25 a month. Every DC Universe Infinite subscriber, existing member, or those joining during the pre-order offer window will receive a special voucher redeemable at the DC shop. Annual subscribers will receive a $25 voucher, while monthly subscribers will receive a $10 voucher.