'Gotham: They Who Hide Behind Masks' Preview Showcases Bruce's New Costume

After last night's terror-filled episode of Gotham, Fox has released the promo for the third episode of the new season, "They Who Hide Behind Masks."

As you watch the promo, you'll notice that Bruce is really taking to his new suit that Lucius Fox made for him, continuing to fight crime against the will of the Penguin. Unfortunately, it looks like Penguin is already onto him.

Jim Gordon is also set up to have an adventure of his own in the new episode.

At the end of "The Fear Reaper," Harvey and Jim talked about the recent rise of Penguin and his crime licenses. They knew that the law wasn't going to be able to stop him, and Harvey noted that old crime bosses like Falcone made things a little easier.

So, Jim has gone to get Falcone to return to Gotham. While there, he meets Falcone's daughter Sofia, played by Teen Wolf alum Crystal Reed.


The third and final story showcased in the Gotham promo was Selina's. Even though she and Tabitha teamed back up with Barbara, it looks like she's in some serious trouble in next week's episode. Could this be Ivy coming back for revenge?

Gotham, "They Who Hide Behind Masks" airs next Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.