Harley Quinn Casts Sanaa Lathan as Catwoman for Season 2 on DC Universe

The first season of the raunchy, violent, and hilarious animated series Harley Quinn just wrapped [...]

The first season of the raunchy, violent, and hilarious animated series Harley Quinn just wrapped up on DC Universe, but plans are already in full swing on new episodes of the series. After dumping the Joker and seemingly killing him, rescuing her best friend Poison Ivy, and carving out a valid reputation for her new gang on the streets of Gotham, it looks like Harley will be continuing to explore the dark underbelly of the DC Comics universe as only she can — and she'll be joined by yet another member of Gotham City Sirens in Season 2.

As revealed by showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, Catwoman will be featured in the new episodes and will be voiced by actress Sanaa Lathan, best known for her roles in The Affair, The Twilight Zone, and Love & Basketball. She also has a long-running vocal role on Family Guy as Donna Tubbs.

The news was confirmed on DC Daily, though it popped up last year when Lathan herself said she joined the series during an appearance at the American Black Film Festival.

Lathan joins Alfred Molina as part of the newest cast members, with the latter portraying Mr. Freeze in Season 2 of Harley Quinn.

Halpern previously spoke with GWW about the new episodes, stating that they are already finished while teasing some new details of what fans can expect.

"Well, we've already completed the second thirteen eps that will air hopefully this year at some point or maybe next so I can tell you some," Haleprn explained. "Catwoman is going to be in it, Batgirl, and then yeah we toss some randos in there. We take a trip off-planet for an episode so you might see some faces you normally wouldn't. I'm trying to think of a super random one. Oh! Doctor Trapp. I defy even the most hardcore DC fan to know who Doctor Trapp is."

On DC Nation, Schumacker further expounded on those thoughts and revealed things won't get easier for the gang moving forward.

"Harley has a target on her back," Schumacker explained. "The male supervillains from Batman's rogues gallery don't take too kindly to the ascendancy of the female super villain, and begin to conspire against her. I think that's about all we can say, but you will see a lot more villains from Gotham."

The second season of Harley Quinn is rumored to premiere on DC Universe on April 3rd.