Shazam! 2 Supposed To Film This Year

If all goes according to plan, the sequel to Shazam! will begin production later this year. The current state of the coronavirus pandemic remains a factor in whether or not the film is able to rally the cast and crew for production of the April 2022 scheduled release but director David F. Sandberg is maintaining his options when it comes to working on the film through pre-production. Despite staying safely at home, the director who is set to join's Quarantine Watch Party on Wednesday night is doing what he can with his creative partners and other colleagues to keep productive.

"Well, we'll see how long this goes, because I mean, we were going to start shooting this year," Sandberg told "But, I mean, who knows how long this will go on? I mean, it feels like every movie gets delayed now, so we'll see what happens with Shazam!. But so far, I've been working on the script. We can still do that, so that's being done and then, yeah, we'll just see in a couple of months how it looks, you know?"

Several projects have been halted or postponed due to the current pandemic the world is facing. Marvel's The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was unable to wrap production while Spider-Man 3 is reportedly holding off on starting. Titles which have already wrapped like Fast & Furious 9, Black Widow, Mulan, Morbius, Wonder Woman 1984, The Mutants, Antlers, No Time to Die, A Quiet Place Part II, and more have all pushed their release dates back as moviegoers are safer at home for the time being.

While it is unclear whether Shazam! 2 will find itself pushed back, Sandberg is making the most of his time at home.

"Some of [the time] has been watching movies," Sandberg says. "We have a little bit of work that we can do remotely, we have meetings via Zoom. I've never heard of that app before this happened, and now it's all Zoom. Yeah, it's not too weird for us. We're indoors a bit more. I'm sitting down and learning new software and doing little tests, things like that."

During Wednesday night's Quarantine Watch Party of Shazam! which will also include cast members Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Cooper Andrews, and Marta Milans, Sandberg will be watching the movie for the first time since it premiered -- the same thing Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson did during last week's Party.

"It'll actually be the first time, because I kind of hate watching stuff that I've worked on afterwards," Sandberg said. "So, this will be the first time that I actually re-watch something after it's released, because I never did that with Lights Out or Annabelle: Creation. I mean, I know the movies by heart, so it's like there's no point in sitting down and watching them. And I just think about all the things that didn't turn out right, or... When I finish a movie, I'm finished, and I move on. So this'll be interesting to watch something a year after!"


How does Quarantine Watch Party work? Simple. At 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday night, everybody who wishes to attend the Quarantine Watch Party presses "play" on their copy of Shazam!, be it a 4K or blu-ray disc, a digital download, or other personal copy. From there, those attending the Party follow and use #QuarantineWatchParty and #Shazam on Instagram and Twitter to stay involved with the conversation throughout the movie. The best tweets will get featured in's official recap of the event!

Shazam!'s Quarantine Watch Party begins at 9pm ET on Wednesday night. Shazam! is scheduled to hit theaters on April 1, 2022.