The Flash Movie Will Recast Barry Allen's Father After Billy Crudup Departure

Earlier this afternoon brought the news that the upcoming The Flash movie from Warner Bros. [...]

Earlier this afternoon brought the news that the upcoming The Flash movie from Warner Bros. Pictures had lost a key cast member as The Hollywood Reporter revealed Billy Crudup would not return to the part of Dr. Henry Allen, father to Barry. Crudup not appearing was due to a scheduling conflict and not due to a lack of trying as the actor will be filming the new season of the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show. Now we've learned that the DCEU won't be waiting for Crudup to return as THR's Borys Kit reports: "The part of Barry Allen's father will be recast. It was not written out."

Crudup was originally cast in the part of Barry's dad for the 2017 Justice League movie. He appeared in the theatrical cut of the film, albeit in just one scene, and it remains to be seen for now if he will have more sequences in the extended cut of Zack Snyder's Justice League. As for actual cast members of The Flash movie, Ezra Miller will be back as the tituler hero. Kiersey Clemons is confirmed to appear as his love interest Iris West as well, having also been cast in Justice League only to be cut from the film. Y Tu Mama Tambien and Pan's Labyrinth actress Maribel Verdú was confirmed today to be taking on the part of Barry Allen's mother in the movie.

The upcoming film will also have just as many Batmen as it does parents for Barry Allen, with DC previously confirming that Miller's Justice League co-star Ben Affleck will return as the Caped Crusader, despite previously indicating he was finished with the part, alongside none other than Michael Keaton as his version of the character too, last seen in the 1992 sequel Batman Returns.

"There have been some all sorts of stories and things he said himself about having a very hard time playing Batman, and it had been difficult for him," producer Barbara Muschietti said of Affleck's return in an interview with Vanity Fair. "I think it was more about a difficult time in his life. When we approached him, he's now in a very different time in his life. He was very open to it, which was a bit of a surprise to us. It was a question mark...We are all human and go through great times in our lives and terrible times in our lives. Right now he's in a place where he can actually enjoy being Batman… It's a pivotal role, but at the same time it's a fun part."

The Flash is currently scheduled to open in theaters on November 4, 2022, with production gearing up to begin in April of this year.