The Flash: Supergirl Set Photos Could Tease Major Injustice Connection

Warner Bros.' The Flash movie has become a topic of conversation in recent days, especially as set [...]

Warner Bros.' The Flash movie has become a topic of conversation in recent days, especially as set photos of the film's production have provided major looks at the blockbuster. Over the past few days, fans have gotten multiple new looks at the film's iteration of Supergirl, who will be played by Sasha Calle. In addition to an official look at the Supergirl costume emblem, which was shared on social media from director Andy Muschietti, set photos have also shown the full look at what the Maiden of Might's costume will entail. While the costume, as well as Calle's short black hair, have drawn comparisons to the Cir-El iteration of Supergirl, the full look at the suit has brought to mind another alternate version of the character, Lara Lane-Kent.

Created by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo in Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three #7, Lara is the imaginary daughter of Clark Kent/Superman, and Lois Lane, who appears to Superman in a dream sequence. The dream sequence showcases a world in which Superman was not manipulated by The Joker into killing Lois Lane, allowing both her and their unborn child to survive. The child would have hypothetically grown up to be Lara, who would follow in her father's Kryptonian footsteps.

The comparison between Calle's costume and Lara Lane-Kent's is definitely uncanny, even catching the attention of Taylor on social media. And while there is no telling of whether or not the circumstances of the character's brief comic tenure could bleed into The Flash, especially as reports surrounding the movie have seemed to indicate that Calle is playing the Kara Zor-El incarnation of Supergirl, certain context clues have made fans begin to wonder.

For one thing, it has been confirmed that the film will deal with aspects of the DC multiverse, which could mean that Calle's Supergirl hails from a completely different Earth than Miller's The Flash. There's a chance that this could be a universe where Supergirl rose to prominence before, or instead of, Henry Cavill's Superman. There's also a chance that the Earth she's from is only slightly different than Earth-1 — hypothetically, one where Amy Adams' Lois Lane and Cavill's Superman gave birth to Lara, and she became a superhero.

Of course, there is also the chance that Calle's Supergirl is Kara Zor-El, and she just bears some aesthetic similarities to Lara and Cir-El. As production on The Flash continues and its November 2022 release date draws near, fans will ultimately just have to wait and see.

The Flash is expected to debut in theaters on November 4, 2022.