The Suicide Squad: Why Secret Six Would Be a Perfect Spinoff

The Suicide Squad has been in theaters and on HBO Max for almost a month now, and James Gunn's take on the DC Comics universe has definitely blown fans away. The film is jam-packed with references and homages to various corners of comics, all with an ensemble that has never entirely crossed paths before. While The Suicide Squad has no shortage of bloody and shocking deaths, a number of characters do survive the film, and some have been curious to see exactly where they will pop up next. We do know that Christopher Smith/Peacemaker (John Cena) will be getting his own HBO Max series in early 2022, and there continue to be rumors surrounding the next appearance of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), but it's unclear what's in store for Robert DuBois/Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Cleo Cazo/Ratcatcher II (Daniela Melchior), and King Shark (Sylvester Stallone). Although there's no telling what the future holds for the remaining costumed characters who do survive, one option does seem like an inspired choice — a Secret Six spinoff.

As a team, the Secret Six has undergone countless incarnations over the years, beginning with a more traditional spy team in the Silver Age. The concept was then reimagined in 2005 by Gail Simone, Dale Eaglesham, Brad Walker, and Nicola Scott, with the idea being that the team consists of mostly-established villains who go on secret and dubious missions as mercenaries. This incarnation of the team is arguably what DC fans recognize the most, and while the roster has rotated significantly, it's best known for the lineup that includes Catman, Deadshot, Scandal Savage, Rag Doll, Bane, Knockout, and Jeannette. Along the way, the group's irreverent found family dynamic and penchant for bizarre missions made them a fan favorite. Over the years, there have been efforts to bring some sort of version of the group into live-action, including a since-scrapped CBS television show that would have reportedly followed the Silver Age iteration.

So, how does this all tie into The Suicide Squad? Outside of the film having a similar tone and sense of humor to Simone's run, there's also the way the film came to a close, with Harley, Bloodsport, Ratcatcher II, and King Shark walking free from ARGUS control following the fight against Starro on Corto Maltese, after Bloodsport used blackmail against Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to leverage the freedom of themselves and his daughter, Tyla (Storm Reid). This leaves all of these characters able to form their own lives without government interference, and while it's easy to picture them all walking into the sunset, the fan response surrounding Bloodsport, Ratcatcher II, and King Shark has certainly indicated that audiences want to see more of them.

So, a Secret Six spinoff — whether it be another movie or an HBO Max series — could follow the ongoing adventures of that trio, who are utilizing their newfound camaraderie to carry out missions for personal gain, whether it be for money or otherwise. Out of the trio, King Shark is the only one who has had a comic history with the Secret Six (which spawned one of his definitive comic moments in the process) — but The Suicide Squad proved that any combination of established villains can work in the right context.

This could not only provide audiences with more of Bloodsport, Ratcatcher II, and King Shark's established dynamic, but introduce additional villains or antagonists for them to bounce off of, without anyone having to deal with the immediate threat of Waller igniting bombs in their necks. It's easy to imagine any of the Secret Six comic mainstays interacting with this group of characters (after all, Gunn apparently considered Knockout for The Suicide Squad, and it's no secret that Dave Bautista wants to play Bane), or any other villains that fit the specific story. Even Harley has ties to the group in the comics, as does Floyd Lawton/Deadshot (Will Smith), who almost returned in The Suicide Squad. Plus, the ensemble nature of the Secret Six means that a potential live-action adaptation could evolve over time, without having to commit one cast member or actor to multiple films or seasons of a show.

Along the way, a Secret Six project could accomplish something similar to what The Suicide Squad did — helping give underrated DC characters and corners of the universe their time in the spotlight, while also telling stories that are more violent and bizarre. While there's absolutely no telling if that project could or would come to fruition, it's definitely an awesome place to imagine Bloodsport, Ratcatcher II, and King Shark to end up next.

Would you want to see a Secret Six spinoff after The Suicide Squad? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


The Suicide Squad is now in theaters.