Titans Showrunner Greg Walker Is Already Planning Season 3

The flagship series on the new DC Universe streaming service is set to return with the second [...]

The flagship series on the new DC Universe streaming service is set to return with the second season of Titans next week. Or, as Jason Todd puts it so bluntly in the trailer, the Titans are back, b—ches! And while the new season will pick up right where the last cliffhanger ended, with Trigon exerting his dark influence of Dick Grayson in an effort to break his daughter Raven, there will also be new threats waiting in the wings in the forms of classic Teen Titans enemies like Deathstroke and Doctor Light.

But while there are a lot of villains to face in Season 2, Titans showrunner Greg Walker is already gearing up for a possible third season. And while it hasn't officially been picked up quite yet, he's confidently working on continuing the show beyond the current crop of 13 episodes.

"No official green light," Walker said during an interview with ComicBook. "I remain optimistic and hopeful and I'm steaming ahead as if we... No one's stopping me to steam ahead, but you know, and hopefully they don't. I go by the 'beg forgiveness rather than ask permission' mode. So we'll just keep on breaking story and hopefully no one notices that we just started making Season 3 because we're excited about it."

Walker also explained that the team's history would inform many of the events of the season, teasing that a prior interaction with Deathstroke will put him in their crosshairs once again when the Titans reunite.

"Both the Titans history to the books and Titans history from what we think happened during the intermitting years between when the Titans first formed, when they broke up, and the present [play into Season 2]. So there's a lot of backstory that gets revealed that was lurking in the shadows last season," Walker said, later adding, "There's so much about this season that's about how families deal with the sins of the past and how unless you deal with them, they're a cancer that eats away at you."

Of course, the series will continue to draw inspiration from the classic DC Comics run on Teen Titans by legendary creators Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

"That's one we're the most interested in writing, and I think it's in the Wolfman, Perez work too," Walker explained. "At first it would be teenagers rebelling against their families, and then having to... at some point you can't define yourself, or you can no longer define yourself as being against your family, you just want a family of your own and then how do you deal with that? So the challenges and pressures of wanting a family and keeping it together are a big themes for this season."

Titans Season 2 is set to premiere on DC Universe on September 6th