Wonder Woman Star Connie Nielsen Reveals Patty Jenkins Had to Push Back on Controversial Origin for Amazons

As we've learned even just recently, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins had to fight with the [...]

As we've learned even just recently, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins had to fight with the studio for a few things regarding her original movie. While promoting last year's sequel, Jenkins revealed that the climactic battle in 2017 film between the hero and Ares came down as a studio mandate for the movie and altered her original plans for the conclusion of project. She may have lost that fight but she apparently won another. Speaking in a new interview with Collider, Wonder Woman star Connie Nielsen spoke up about how Jenkins fights for what she believes in when needed, saying: "[Jenkins is] going to get what she wants and she doesn't have to be mean about it." Nielsen even offered an example:

"She was very clear about what the Amazons were supposed to be. And I think that there had originally been some idea that the Amazons had been deeply traumatized by some kind of horrible event that involved mass rape. And Patty just said, 'Hm, no. No, no, we're not gonna put that on those Amazons. We don't want to start out seeing them as victims, and why would we? Let's just get rid of that part and make sure that these are heroes in their own terms. They've not been part of the victims of history. They are these unbelievably courageous women and we're not gonna saddle them with a trauma from the outset. We're going to have them be received by people on the basis of who they are. What is their culture? Why are they so fierce? What does it mean to live on an island where there are no guys?'"

Nielsen continued, "It made so much sense, you know? You needed them to have a very uncomplicated background in order to be able to just accept them as the heroes that they are."

We know that Jenkins won that fight as the origins of the Amazons was tied directly to Zeus in the first film with 1984 adding a new development about their evacuation to Themyscira. Following the success of last year's movie, Warner Bros. was quick to announce that Jenkins and series star Gal Gadot will return once again for a third film.

No further announcements about the project have been made in the time since, but ahead of that reveal by the studio it was confirmed that Jenkins would go to a galaxy far, far away and direct the upcoming Rogue Squadron movie for Lucasfilm. That project already has a release date set for 2023, probably meaning that a third Wonder Woman may not happen until afterward.