Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Compilation Of Ultimate Attacks Is Absolutely Bonkers

As you know, Dragon Ball FighterZ is overloaded with a ton of great looking moves for each character. But nothing grips us more than the Ultimate moves, as they resemble something right out of the anime TV series, right down to the dramatic build-up, execution, and, in some cases, post-move showing off.

And thanks to Game Informer, we’ve got a really good idea of how these Ultimates will come off. The publication, which has been running Dragon Ball FighterZ exclusives pretty much all month (since the game is featured in its forthcoming November issue), recently posted a video featuring a number of Ultimates chainted together, featuring many of our favorite characters going absolutely berserk on their opponents.

You can see the video above, but it’s nothing short of remarkable, and gives you something to shoot for when it comes to building up your manic energy, then letting it explode in a furious rage.

On top of that, the publication also revealed two new fighters that are coming to the game, in the form of Nappa and Ginyu; but there are also additional details when it comes to the story mode, as you’ll apparently be able to form relationships with characters. Just don’t make them hate you because, yeah, they’ll pound you with their Ultimate.

According to Game Informer, the mode “will consist of the player linking their spirit with Dragon Ball characters. They can also improve relationships with them, and after a certain point, they will be able to listen to private conversations, such as Yamcha expressing his desire to get married.”

We’re not sure what effect they’ll have in the heat of battle, but it never hurts to have friends around when you need them – especially when you’re about to get trashed by an Ultimate move. (And, yes, we’re talking about Ultimate moves quite a bit, but watch the video above and you’ll get a damn good idea where we’re coming from. These literally live up to the name of Ultimate.)

You’ll be able to unleash these attacks and run wild with relationships when Dragon Ball FighterZ ships early next year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.