Pokemon Go Adds New Shiny Pokemon to Kick off September

Pokemon Go has added the Shiny version of Growlithe to kick off the month of September.

Players discovered that the Shiny version of the popular dog-like Pokemon was added yesterday in conjunction with the addition of several new Field Research tasks and a new Legendary Pokemon as a Breakthrough Research reward.

Shiny Pokemon have different coloration than normal Pokemon and are usually quite rare in Pokemon Go. A Shiny Growlithe has notably lighter orange fur than a non-Shiny Growlithe, and can be identified by the sparkle animation that appears around its body when its first encountered. The Shiny version of Arcanine, Growlithe's evolved form, has a similar shade of orange yellow fur.

This is the second Shiny Pokemon added to Pokemon Go in recent days. The game also added a Shiny version of Wingull to celebrate this weekend's final Global Challenge and live event in Yokosuka, Japan.

The easiest way to encounter a Growlithe is by completing the "Use 10 Berries to Catch Pokemon" field task which guarantees a Growlithe encounter as a reward. Several other new Field Research tasks were also added yesterday, many of which involve Fire-Type Pokemon as rewards.


Players can also encounter the Legendary Pokemon Entei as a reward for completing Field Research tasks on seven different days. Players will have until the end of the month to capture Entei, which gives players between four to five opportunities to collect this powerful Fire-Type Pokemon (and collect its Candies).

Pokemon Go likely isn't done with surprising players this month. Players are on pace to complete the Global Challenge and unlock a special Moltres Day mini-event for next weekend, as well as a mysterious Ultra Bonus that will be announced later this month. We'll have all the big Pokemon Go news as its discovered, so keep reading ComicBook.com for more details.