Pillsbury Releases Ready to Bake Pokemon Cookies

Pillsbury has released new ready-to-bake sugar cookies featuring Pokemon-inspired images.

The foodstuffs company has quietly released Pokemon Sugar Cookies, which can now be found at major retailers like WalMart. The ready-to-bake cookies come with two patterns - a Pokeball shape made using red dye and a Pikachu head with yellow die. You can check out the box art below:

The timing of the new Pokemon cookies is a bit interesting, as we're in between major Pokemon products. The Pokemon: Let's Go video games were released back in November and the hotly anticipated Detective Pikachu movie comes out in May. We also haven't seen any advertisements for the cookies, which is strange as they'd likely be hot sellers.


Regardless, the new cookies are getting attention from various mainstream food sites and are the latest sign that the Pokemon franchise is as popular as ever. After all, Pillsbury usually reserves its Ready to Bake cookies to promote major holidays like Easter or Christmas. By that logic, you could say that Pikachu is as popular as Thanksgiving in the eye of Pillsbury.

While the cookies seem to have limited availability for now, a food blog notes that they'll be more widely available in May...which lines up with the release date of Detective Pikachu. If that's the case, could we see a big explosion of more Pokemon merchandise lined up for later this spring? Time will tell.