Sony Will Reportedly Stop Selling Digital PlayStation Codes Through Retailers

Sony is reportedly making some changes to its policies pertaining to digital codes for PlayStation games that will make it so that those codes aren’t sold through stores like GameStop and other retailers. The policy change is supposed to go into effect on April 1st, according to a memo which was said to be sent out to GameStop stores, and would make it so that anyone who wants to buy a PlayStation game digitally will have to do so through the PlayStation Store.

News of the apparent policy change was first shared by Twitter user Wario64 who tweeted about Sony’s new digital code plans and included a screenshot of the memo in question. The memo explained what will happen to third-party retailers like GameStop come April 1st as well as how it’ll affect consumers who shop there, though it did say that there will be some exceptions to the new policy.

“Sony has recently announced that full game digital download codes will no longer be available to purchase from other retailers worldwide effective April 1, 2019,” the memo pictured below said. “After this date (with some specific exceptions), Sony full game digital downloads will only be available for purchase through the PlayStation marketplace.”

If someone’s going to GameStop, chances are they’re there to buy a physical version of a game, so this change might not seem like a big deal to some. However, the memo said “This affects all retailers; not just GameStop,” which could even apply to Amazon or other online retailers that people use to order games digitally. Sony hasn’t fully laid out its plans for the change yet though, so the memo from GameStop is all that’s available at this time

The exceptions to this policy change are Days Gone and Mortal Kombat 11, both of which are releasing in April.

“As an execption, full game digital versions of Days Gone and Mortal Kombat 11 on PS4 will be available for sale in GameStop stores for one week after their respective official street dates, and reservations on digital versions of these two titles will be filled, providing the guest has finalized their purchase within 1 week of these respective.”

The policy change pertaining to digital game codes will reportedly take place on April 1st.



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