Controversy Erupts Over Whether Wario Has Nipples

Does Wario have nipples? It's probably something you've never thought about. But, well, a controversy about exactly this has erupted on the Internet. As you may remember, back in 2017 the Internet had a similar spiral over Mario and his nipples. The fiasco developed from a Super Mario Odyssey promotion that showed a HD look at Mario shirtless. And people were alarmed to see his tiny nipples. And apparently, these are the standard Nintendo nipples, because other characters have them, but not Wario. Wario has no nipples, and the Internet can't handle it.

So, recently Sega shared a video of Mario & Sonic at The Olympics Games Tokyo 2020, its upcoming Nintendo Switch game that has Mario and Sonic characters competing against each other at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. It's supposed to be a kid-friendly game, which is why it's puzzling that a nipple-less Wario (an abomination) somehow made it pass Nintendo's watchful eye. In the new video, there's a shot of Wario alongside Dr. Robotnik. The two hefty fellers are shirtless as they stand on a podium after a swimming event. Eggman has Mario nipples and Wario has no nipples. Why? Nobody knows.


In response to this, many were skeptical that Wario actually didn't have nipples, suggesting for whatever reason you can't see them in the shot. Well, this prompted one Twitter user to get a higher quality imaged zoomed in on Wario's pectoral area, and, well, yeah he has no nips.

Mario & Sonic at The Olympics Games Tokyo 2020 will be available on November 8 via the Ninendo Switch. Make sure to buy it if you want to see Wario without his shirt on and see the phenomena for yourself.

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