7 Up Video Game Revival Rejected by Dr Pepper

In 1993, Cool Spot released for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, putting a spotlight on 7 Up's popular mascot. Despite being a glorified advertisement, the game was actually pretty well-received by critics, and a lot of players have fond memories as a result. The game has enough of a following that publisher Limited Run Games apparently pursued the opportunity to re-release the game. In a recent post on Twitter, CEO Josh Fairhurst revealed his desire to resurrect the game, but stated that brand owner Keurig Dr Pepper "were not even remotely interested." 

Fairhurst's Tweet can be found embedded below.

It's unclear if this would have been a re-release for Cool Spot's original platforms, or if it would have been for modern consoles like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Fairhurst brought up the rejection after showcasing his copy of Coca-Cola Kid for the Sega Game Gear. While it might seem hard to believe to gamers these days, there was an era where games based on products like soft drinks, fast food, and even cereal weren't all that uncommon. In fact, Limited Run Games actually offered a physical release for Chex Quest back in 2020, so there would have been a precedent for Cool Spot to get a return. Alas, it seems it wasn't meant to be!

Of course, it's not all that surprising that Keurig Dr Pepper rejected the proposal. It's been decades since the 7 Up brand used Spot in any of its advertising, and many people might not even be familiar with the former mascot. Some old-school gamers are sure to be disappointed by this, and will have to settle for seeking out copies of the game on the secondary market. However, if enough people demand a return for Cool Spot, perhaps the company could end up changing its mind. Perhaps we'll even see a revival of the soda mascot sub-genre!

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