Abandoned Creator Reveals First Story Details for Game

The creator of Abandoned has revealed the first story details of the game. Despite being announced a year ago, next to nothing has been announced about the mystery game. Even though the most people have seen from the game is someone walking through a forest, it didn't stop people from getting excited. Many people compared the game to the likes of PT, the secret teaser for Silent Hills. As a result, people began to speculate that the game could be a secret project from Hideo Kojima, who is known for using viral marketing techniques to draw attention to his projects. Both Silent Hills and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were technically announced as different games from new developers and were later revealed to be Kojima brainchildren.

However, all of that speculation looks rather unlikely as creator Hasan Kahraman did an interview with the Sacred Symbols podcast and talked about the game's production. Kahraman also shared the first proper details of the game's story, stating that the game revolves around a man named Jason Longfield who is the estranged younger brother of a cult leader. Jason won't be alone in his story, as he'll meet companions along the way, but ultimately it will be a struggle for him to fight against joining his brother. In some ways, it sounds like Luke Skywalker's dilemma in Return of the Jedi where he has to decide whether he wants to be with his father on the dark side.

As of right now, there's no release window for Abandoned. Some had believed that the game was canceled after developer Blue Box Game Studios began deleting tweets about the project, but the developer insists it's still working on the game. Some are skeptical of the developer's ability to actually deliver a competent game due to the various delays and strange developments over the last year, but it does sound like there is at least a fleshed out story.


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