Amazon's Offering a Cheap PS4 Pro With This Amazing Trade-In Offer

PS4 Pro
(Photo: Sony/Playstation)

Looking for that favorite centerpiece gift -- or are just trying to take advantage of holiday sales in order to catch up on your favorite titles? Either way, this season's holiday deals on games, consoles and accessories are out of this world, including one that Amazon has running right now for a Playstation 4 Pro console at a serious discount. They're also offering 1-year subscriptions to Playstation Plus for $39.99.

With a limited-time special trade-in offer, players can take home their PS4 Pro for $50 less than retail. Potential new owners have until the 16th (which is this coming Saturday) to get in on the deal. When they trade in used games, consoles or accessories, players who are determined eligible for the offer will be given a gift card for the trade-in amount, and a bonus $50 in Amazon credits toward a new PS4 PRO. That $50 credit can't be applied to anything else, and you'll have to fill out a survey about your trade-in item in order to try for qualification.

Still, it's not a super complicated process when the end result is a chunk off of the total of a new console. The PS4 Pro has 4K and HDR capabilities, and it comes with a snazzy ITB hard drive. The console currently retails for $349 on Amazon, but it's likely to jump back up after the holiday season ends, so now might be a good time to snatch one up at a huge discount. It boasts enhanced graphics as well as the ability to stream 4K video via Netflix, and judging by almost every panel at this year's PSX, most of Playstation's 2018 titles will be built with the PS4 Pro's capabilities in mind. Current titles, like Horizon Zero Dawn and The Witcher 3, already play with these capabilities on the PS4 Pro.


The Playstation 4 and PS4 Pro are both available online and in stores now.