Among Us Chicken Nugget Sells on eBay for Nearly $100,000

The saga of the Among Us chicken nugget shaped like a Crewmate from the hit party game has presumably come to an end with the nugget finally being sold on eBay. With exactly 184 bids placed on the item, the sale ended early on Friday morning. The selling price for the nugget was $99,997, a price that got much higher than anyone probably anticipated after the nugget was first listed on eBay as an item to cast bids on.

Sold by an eBay seller who goes by polizna, the listing for the item shows the final selling price with the chicken nugget marked as "sold." Based on what polizna said in the descriptions of the item, the nugget will now be frozen and air-sealed before being shipped to the buyer for them to hopefully store somewhere safe, but perhaps they'll just eat it anyway. The seller joked in a June 1st update on the listing that they also has Szechuan Sauce from McDonald's where the nugget originated and said they'd send some over as a bonus to the buyer if the winning bidder requested it, so perhaps someone's about to enjoy an Among Us nugget with some Szechuan Sauce soon.

If you look through the bidding history on the item, you'll see the process that brought it to this selling price which borders on $100,000. It started at under a dollar before being bumped up to over $10,000 with a couple of different bidders competing with one another throughout the whole exchange. Many of the bids raised the price of the Among Us nugget only incrementally while others created bigger jumps like one bid that took the price from $51,700 to $69,420, a very meme-like bid that raised the value regardless.

The official Among Us Twitter account noticed the auction, too, and tweeted about it as it tweets about many things. People were already well aware of the Among Us nugget by that point, but the extra publicity no doubt helped it get to the selling price it reached.


Though the nugget's been sold, this probably isn't the last that we've heard of this particular nugget. We'll most likely find out in the future somehow what the buyer chose to do with the item, and if nothing else, we'll continue to see more foods shaped like pop culture symbols sold for exorbitant prices.