Among Us Is Getting a Physical Collector's Edition From Limited Run Games

Among Us is officially getting a physical Collector's Edition from Limited Run Games with pre-orders starting next week on May 11th. If you are somehow not already aware, Limited Run Games is known for physically releasing copies of digital video games in general but more specifically its constant focus on impressive special editions of those titles. Given the popularity of developer InnerSloth's video game, the only thing truly shocking about the Limited Run Games announcement is that it took this long to happen.

More specifically, the special Collector's Edition includes a PC code for Steam and Epic Games Store in addition to a bunch of physical merch like an ambient music CD, a reversible poster, a disc with concept art and interviews, a special steelbook that looks like a crewmate, and the box itself is shaped like the emergency button that you can actually push to produce sounds from the game. It will be available to pre-order for $79.99. You can take a look at the Among Us Collector's Edition for yourself below:

As noted above, the Among Us physical Collector's Edition from Limited Run Games is set to start taking pre-orders starting May 11th at 10AM ET/7AM PT. The game is currently available on PC, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and it has been announced that it will come to Xbox this year as part of Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well. If you are somehow not familiar, it is a video game for 4 to 10 players where everyone attempts to prepare a spaceship for departure -- but there are impostors in the crew's midst that seek to kill off everyone else. The rest of the group is tasked with preparing the ship/location as well as ejecting the impostors before it's too late. Think Werewolf, but in digital space with cross-platform support. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Among Us right here.


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