Among Us Comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Viral Trailer

Among Us has come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a viral new fan-made trailer over on YouTube. Among Us is the most popular game in the world right now and has been for a few months. Meanwhile, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate still has two remaining DLC characters coming to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game. In other words, there's a chance that Among Us' crewmates and imposters may come to the platform fighter as DLC fighters.

Right now, Nintendo and Inner Sloth haven't even hinted at this possibility, nor have any leaks or rumors. That said, the crossover is the subject of a new and impressive fan-made trailer, which imagines what an announcement trailer for the DLC could look like.

The trailer not only perfectly realizes this, but even previews the implementation, showing off potential moves and even a Final Smash consisting of the target being voted out. It's one of the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC concepts to date, which is why it's attracted more than one million views in such a short amount of time.

With the game's next DLC characters, Pyra and Mythra -- the deuteragonists of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 -- not even out yet, it will be months before we find out who's coming to the Switch and Switch Lite game next. That said, this trailer has us crossing all of our fingers and toes that it will be the Among Us crewmates.

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As always, feel free to hit the comments section with who you want to see added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next or, alternatively, let me know over on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_. Would you like to see Among Us come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in an official capacity or should Nintendo wait to see the IP's longevity?