Among Us Update Released, New Task Added

Among Us developer InnerSloth said recently it’d be releasing a new update that would fix a [...]

Among Us developer InnerSloth said recently it'd be releasing a new update that would fix a bunch of bugs and, more importantly to players, would add a new task for Crewmates to accomplish. That update has now arrived with all the promises fulfilled alongside the release of the Version 2021.6.30 patch. To detail everything that's changed, full patch notes were also released alongside acknowledgments of bugs that InnerSloth is still working on fixing.

A quick overview of the main parts of the patch worth paying attention to can be found below through InnerSloth's snapshot of the update. The new task can potentially boot Imposters out of vents if they were using them, but only under certain circumstances.

Below are the full patch notes for the update along with a list of ongoing bugs still being investigated. InnerSloth also referenced a separate announcement of physical versions of Among Us that'll release later this year.

New Additions

  • Added vent cleaning task. Cleaning the vent will prevent any impostors from using that specific vent, but Impostors can still use other vents and the vent will be usable once it's cleaned. If an Impostor is already camping out in a vent and then you start cleaning that vent, it'll boot them out with a dramatic sound and you'll see who it is. Surprise!
  • New languages. Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Irish localization added. Thanks to Úna-Minh, Brian, Cormac, and Mike for the Irish translations.

Bug Fixes

  • Getting stuck in place after a meeting is fixed. This was the biggest issue with the latest update, so run free now!! Be free beans!!
  • Scaling on "SHH" screen fixed. YES I read your comments on the SHH screen. The absolute hate that poor screen got, my goodness. I had to give it 3 tubs of ice cream to feel better. It's okay though, the world is aligned once again, the proportions have been fixed after it got weirdly borked.
  • Geoff eyepatch is now (sadly) back to being a mask. :(
  • Clouds in the Airship no longer move in the wrong direction. No more backwards progress! Onward!
  • Upload Data phone colors fixed. I have no clever caption for this.
  • All major buttons are now localized. Yeah I'm really running out of fun ways to make this content interesting.
  • Android black screen fixed. This was fixed in a small hotfix already for Android in version 2021.6.16, but just in case you missed that update, it's fixed now!
  • iOS startup crash fixed. This was also fixed in a small hotfix!
  • Other minor visual and localization bug fixes. Our programming and QA team did a really great job please give them a psychic high five.

Ongoing Bugs

  • Wizard hat still missing. Still casting an invisibility spell. Working on finding it, sorry!
  • 4:3 resolution still needs to be scaled. That'll be addressed.
  • And quite a few others, but those are the biggest ones I'll list out.